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DODOCACA creates unique opportunities for our sponsors to reach a wide demographic of families, young adults and art lovers of all ages. Our events are designed to foster a family-friendly environment with fun, art and entertainment for all age groups. Your  sponsorship supports our efforts to assist local startups to participate in our events at significantly reduced rates. We will reach out to you within 1-2 business days regarding available sponsorship opportunities. Reach out to us at

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Let’s create the DODOCACA Universe together! Design your own DODOCACA fantastical creatures and characters and share them with us. We're eager to work with designers, creators, breathe life into your designs, and take them on tour with the DODOCACA family.  We also welcome submissions from children and art communities for potential collaboration. Reach out to us at

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Concession tickets and complementary policies for organizations for children with disabilities. Reach out to us at

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